CASOS Institute 2008 - What to Bring

  • Bring your own machine:
    • You are strongly encouraged to bring your own laptop. However, you must have it up-to-date in terms of security features, and it must be registered. Please see the MAC Address registration link below.
    • Warning: Please make sure that you laptop is running Windows. The software will not run under VISTA. If bringing a MAC OS laptop please load Windows not all the software will run on a Mac OS.
  • Bring your own data! The CASOS group invites you to bring your own data. If you do not have your own data, don't worry, we will provide some. Here are examples of types of data that you might want to bring:
    1. Texts in .txt format that they want to run through AutoMap.
    2. Examples are: email messages, webpage content, paper abstracts, news articles, comment fields from fixed formatted files.

      Restrictions: Put one message, page, abstract, article per file.

      Put all files for same group or time period in a folder. Exclude pictures.

    3. Some type of relational data in DL, dynetml, csv, excel, or other standard network format. Data can also be in mysql or access if you know how to write queries to extract it.
    4. Examples are: who talks to whom, trade level between countries, semantic networks, event networks.

      Restrictions: Look at CASOS tools web page for easy formats to read. If you have node by attribute data, such as for each person degree, age, position you can use that data to create relational data.

      Make sure your machine is large enough for your data. You can have multiple networks. Each network can be in its own file, but need not be. If you are bringing your own machine, which we highly recommend, just bring your data on your machine.

  • MAC Address Registration

  • Everyone bringing their laptop (MAC or PC) must provide this information.
    Please email your info to Ed Walter.