CASOS Institute 2015 - How to Join the CASOS Google Group

Instructions for CASOS Summer Institute 2014 Attendees

  1. Go to:

  2. Click the "Apply for group membership" link on the right side of the webpage.

  3. Login to Google Account*
    *Please Note: A Google Account is required to Join a Google Group via the web interface, Post to groups via the web interface, Change your subscription type, and Read a restricted group's posts online. Signing up for a Google Account does not mean you are signing up for Gmail. If you already have a Gmail account then you automatically have a Google Account, and you may sign in with that login.

  4. Choose how you'd like to read messages from the group.

  5. Type in a nickname for yourself. This is a name that others in the group will see.

  6. In the text box type your name, organization and a brief description of how you are using Social/Dynamic Network Analysis. Please also indicate that you will be attending the CASOS Summer Institute 2014.

  7. Click the "Apply to this group" button.

  8. You will get a message saying that "Your subscription to this group is still pending." Your request to join has been sent to the Google Group Manager, and you will have access to the site once the Manager approves your membership.

  9. Revisit the site (located here) to check the status of your membership. Membership status will be on the right side of the webpage. It will say "Edit my membership - pending" if your account hasn't been approved yet. If your account has been approved the word "pending" will be absent, and you will have access to the CASOS Google Group.
  10. For more information on how Google Groups works, visit the How-To page.