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Greetings social agent modelers, current and future:

Welcome to the North American Computational Social and Organization Science (NAACSOS) website. We are a professional association of computational social scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. We organize an annual conference in the U.S., and cooperate with sibling organizations in Europe and Asia in coordinating international conferences.

All NAACSOS-sponsored conferences provide an opportunity to hear presentations from, and hold discussions with, members of diverse research programs. Our goal is to share models and results, to simulate and learn from each other, and to identify areas in which progress is both necessary and possible.

Computational Social Science (CSS) is inherently multi-disciplinary in that it permits the construction of multi-faceted models that incorporate the insights of diverse groups of specialists. Although (or because) CSS is young, it is currently experiencing a dramatic burst of interest and energy. Through NAACSOS conferences and activities, you can enjoy and help advance this promising field.

We welcome your participation.

David Sallach, President
Email: sallach@anl.gov
North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science

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