Sunbelt 2012 Presentation

In support of this project: Improved Data Extraction and Asessment for Dynamic Network Analysis (W91WAW07C0063)


Joseph, Kenneth & Carley, Kathleen M. (2012). Quantifying Meaning in Interaction on Different Communication Media. Paper presented at the XXXII International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Redondo Beach, CA, March 12-18, 2012.


Much interesting work has been done across an array of fields to qualify how, when, where and why we use different mediums to interact with different people in our lives. In this presentation, we discuss exploratory work in moving from such qualifications to data-driven metrics which can assist the network analyst in understanding the meaning of interactions on different media. Working with survey data, we employ a three step method of observing a difference in usage across media, understanding how this difference generalizes, and quantification into a metric which can aid the analyst. Our finding is based on the observation that people tend to use media at different rates when interacting with their 1-5 most important ties.