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4.4 build 005 April 3, 2012 This fixes the bugs with Forgetting and Binary Task Accuracy.
It also includes Communication Mediums, which is the new way that agents will transfer information between each other. Instead of information instantly transferring between agents, now the agents will select a medium to use. The medium can be things like face-to-face, Twitter, email, mail, Facebook, etc. Depending on how the mediums are configured, the information may be attenuated or restricted in some way. The mediums also can cause a delay in the transfer of the information.
4.2 February 15, 2012  
4.1 April 12, 2010 Decision model added.
3.2 September 26, 2007 New Graph and Node management code. Construct is now modularized into different "models".
3.1 July 11, 2007 New BoxGenerator for loading from CSV files was added.
3.0 May 14, 2007 Mail interaction mode was introduced. More BoxGenerator features were added. Support for reading and writing to sql databases was added. Dynamic Environment was added. XML input system was redone.
2.0.08 June 22, 2005 BoxGenerator was introduced with this release. BoxGenerator is used to build up complex network generators from simple "box generators". Instead of simply specifying a single generator for a network, now a user could specify different generators for different parts of the network.
2.0.01 August 2, 2004