Cyber Security

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Lanham, Michael J., Morgan, Geoffrey P., & Carley, Kathleen M. . (2012, 15-17 March). Social Network Modeling and Simulation of Integrated Resilient Command and Control (C2) in Contested Cyber Environments. Presentation at the Sunbelt XXXIII, Redondo Beach, CA


Department of Defense (DoD) leaders have a moral obligation to the nation to ensure that it can defend the nation and its interests. To meet this moral obligation, DoD leaders need ways of assessing the resilience of its forces, their ability to operate despite adversaries actions. This talk describes the application and analytic results of applying text mining and social network analysis to assessing resilient command and control (C2) of US Air Force Air Operations Centers (AOC) in a contested cyber environment. We also describe the progression from the static modeling to the construction and execution of a model with four doctrinally defined AOCs in an agent-­‐based simulation named Construct. Through these modeling and simulation techniques, we have developed methods to assess impacts of simulated cyber attacks on the performance of single and multiple US Air Force (USAF) Air and Space Operations Centers (AOCs) and Operations Centers (OCs). With these assessments, analysts can make informed recommendations for developing mitigations to those attacks and simulations results to assess the effectiveness of those mitigations.