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This report presents a collection of data describing many of the economic and social interactions that occurred in Glitch, a recently closed massively multiplayer online game aimed at casual players. The bulk of the data are records of sales of virtual goods by different players during the game's life, stored as CSV files. The records depict a history of the Currant, the game's principal currency. The data also includes both a snowball-sample based scrape of all of the explicit friendships between different players (where “friendships” are minimally defined relationships that players may create for any reason) and a scrape of the seven different Glitch forums. This scrape is presented as both raw HTML and in a minimally parsed format sufficient for generating a basic network of posters and responders, while poster and responder networks are provided in DyNetML format. The friendship network is provided as both a CSV and a DyNetML file.


This is the data used collected and used in Tech Report, CMU-ISR-13-100 (publications).

  • download the Glitch dataset: .ZIP (204 MB)
  • download the Glitch dataset: .7z (73 MB)