RAIC2 and the C2 Windtunnel

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The MMAAC Project is to demonstrate proof of concept in creating a two tier experimentation platform that can be used for both assessment of real time tactical activity and support from a reach-back cell that operates in a longer time frame. This will be done by exploring the integration of the C2WindTunnel for real time tactical behavior with CMUs DNA toolsuite for supporting the analyst in the reach-back cell. Numerous technical challenges ensue when trying to integrate various simulation and analysis tools using either a single architecture for communication among components and/or linkage of two integration frameworks.

One architecture to be used is the C2WindTunnel which allows for various simulators to react to each others events as well as feed simulation results to real time assessment tools that can in turn send the analysis back to the simulators, perhaps changing the course of the simulation. C2WindTunnel is typically used to simulate battlefield conditions, mostly with respect to the movement of vehicles and people. The second architecture is SORASCS for linkage of analysis tools such as are used in reach-back cells. These analysis tools include *ORA for assessment of the network of interconnections among adversaries. Our goal is to define the challenges in linking these two levels of analysis, demonstrate proof of concept, and identify possible extensions.