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50 Women dataset.

Standard Network Analysis
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The social network data were collected in the Teenage Friends and Lifestyle Study (West and Sweeting 1995, Michell and Amos 1997, Pearson and Michell 2000, Pearson and West 2003). Friendship network data and substance use were recorded for a cohort of pupils in a school in the West of Scotland. The panel data were recorded over a three year period starting in 1995, when the pupils were aged 13, and ending in 1997. A total of 160 pupils took part in the study, 129 of whom were present at all three measurement points. The friendship networks were formed by allowing the pupils to name up to twelve best friends. Pupils were also asked about substance use and adolescent behavior associated with, for instance, lifestyle, sporting behavior and tobacco, alcohol and cannabis consumption. The question on sporting activity asked if the pupil regularly took part in any sport, or go training for sport, out of school (e.g. football, gymnastics, skating, mountain biking). The school was representative of others in the region in terms of social class composition (Pearson and West 2003).


Pearson, M.A., and L. Michell. 2000. Smoke Rings: Social network analysis of friendship groups, smoking and drug-taking. Drugs: education, prevention and policy, 7, 21-37.

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