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An agent based modeling framework
Output_Graph Struct Reference

Outputs the contents of a graph to a csv file. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Output_Graph (const dynet::ParameterMap &params, Construct &construct)
 Constructor for the "csv" type output. More...
void process (unsigned int t) override
 Called after each model has executed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Output
 Output (const dynet::ParameterMap &params, Construct &construct)
 Sets up the output to only record during certain timeperiods. Allows the usage of should_process.
 Output ()
 Creates an output that does not depend on time. Output::should_process should not be called when using this constructor.
bool should_process (int t)
 Given the current time index, returns true if the current time period is flagged to be processed.
virtual ~Output ()
 Virtual Deconstructor. More...
virtual std::vector< int > get_output_timeperiods (const dynet::ParameterMap &params, Construct &construct)
 Creates a vector of indexes that indicate in which timeperiod output should be processed. The parameter "timeperiods" in params controls this value. "all" will fill the entire the array with -1 followed by all timeperiods. "last" will set it to only contain the last time index. "initial" will set it to only contain -1. If it is none of these, the param is tokenized with a comma delimiter and converts the tokens to integers. Returned vector should always be ordered.
virtual void process (unsigned int t)=0
 Called after each model has executed. More...

Public Attributes

const Typeless_Graph_graph
std::ofstream _output_file

Detailed Description

Outputs the contents of a graph to a csv file.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Output_Graph()

Output_Graph::Output_Graph ( const dynet::ParameterMap params,
Construct construct 

Constructor for the "csv" type output.

Exception Safety

If parameters "network name", "output file", or "timeperiods" are not in the ParameterMap, a dynet::could_not_find_parameter is thrown. If the "output file" parameter does not have extension ".csv", a dynet::wrong_file_extension is thrown. If this file can not be opened for writing, a dynet::could_not_open_file is thrown. If the value for parameter "timeperiods" is not "last", "all", or "initial", a dynet::unknown_value is thrown.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ process()

void Output_Graph::process ( unsigned int  t)

Called after each model has executed.

tThe current time period.

Implements Output.

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