CASOS Summer Institute

The CASOS summer institute provides an intense and hands-on introduction to computational analysis of social and organizational systems. The focus is on social and organizational network analysis, complex adaptive systems, designing and evaluating computational models, virtual experiments, and docking. Sessions will be split between lectures and labs. The summer institute was founded under a grant from the NSF IGERT.

Participants learn about current trends, practices, and tools available for social networks analysis, link analysis, simulation, and multi-agent modeling. Basic social network and dynamic network representations, statistics, analysis and visualization techniques are covered. Techniques for designing, analyzing, and validating computational models with and without network components are presented. There is also an emphasis on appropriate and inappropriate ways to critique computational models and network analyses. The strengths and weaknesses of computational and network approaches to examining complex socio-technical issues are discussed. Multiple computational platforms are explored and hands-on experience are provided. An examination of social network methods, complexity theory and procedures for integrating network-based metrics and statistics into computational models completes the program.

The software tools students will learn and work with include: ORA-LITE, AutoMap, and Construct, which are network analysis, information extraction, and simulations tools, respectively, that are developed at CASOS and widely used globally in business, government, and education.

Summer Institue 2016 will be held June 12 - 18, 2016. More details will be posed as they are available. For an overview of Summer Institute 2016, please visit the webpage to get more information.

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