Stephen Fienberg
CASOS Members, Maurice Falk University Professor

Email: fienberg[AT]


CMU Affiliation: Statistics, Machine Learning, CyLab, i-Lab

Office: Bake Hall 132G

Phone: (412) 268-2723

Fax: (412) 268-7828


Airoldi, Edoardo & Fienberg, Stephen E & Joutard, Cyrille & Love, Tanzy M . (2007). Discovery of latent patterns with hierarchical Bayesian mixed-membership models and the issue of model choice. Data Mining Patterns: New Methods and Applications, IGI. [pdf]

Airoldi, Edoardo & Joutard, Cyrille & Fienberg, Stephen E & Love, Tanzy M . (2006). Discovering Latent Patterns with Hierarchical Bayesian Mixed-Membership Models. [pdf]

Airoldi, Edoardo & Fienberg, Stephen E & Xing, Eric P . (2006). Latent Aspects Analysis: From Independence to Contagion. [pdf]

Airoldi, Edoardo & Xing, Eric P & Bei, David M & Fienberg, Stephen E . (2006). Stochastic Block Models of Mixed Membership. [pdf]

Airoldi, Edoardo & Anderson, Annelise G & Fienberg, Stephen E & Skinner, Kiron K . (2006). Who wrote Ronald Reagan's radio addresses?. Bayesian Analysis, 1, 289-320. [pdf]