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The Catalyst Project is a specialized endeavor that will lead to the formalization of a community of interest for a global comprehensive approach to crisis response. CMU is partnering with the ARL to develop and support that community and provide access to related information.

There is a recognized need for a holistic understanding of the complex forces in society that comprise the political, economic, and cultural environment. This enhanced level of comprehension can lead to more coherent actions and better focused efforts to achieve objectives. A lack of such knowledge can produce unnecessary levels of violence, increased destruction of human life and the means to support it, and a potential worsening of already bad situation. This knowledge and the research on it are available in the minds, tools and projects of diverse researchers and practitioners.

Our goal is to support the creation of this understanding by providing a portal for identifying key players, technologies and activities and maintaining and understanding of the pulse of the community.

To meet this need, a virtual enterprise of area specialists and practitioners collaboratively networked by tools and technologies is needed to create a trusted relationship that can be used to assist organizations in planning, preparation, and execution of their missions. CMU is working with the ARL to track and provide access to information on the community and support the exchange of information regarding current activities, technologies, goals, interests, missions, or processes between members from academia, industry, government, and private entities.