DyNADS: A Dynamic Network Analysis Decision Support Tool for Nurse Managers

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The DyNADS project is a collaboration between CASOS and the College of Nursing at the University of Arizona which aims to enhance patient care across U.S. hospitals by offering a tool to aid nurse managers with their decision-making. This decision support tool exploits empirical data on nursing staff communication patterns (i.e. their social networks) as well as patient safety outcomes, particularly medication errors and falls (with and without injury).

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This tool will employ both static and dynamic analysis of networks in order to 1) provide an assessment of unit-level performance and 2) predict the impact of innovations, designed to improve patient safety and quality of care. As such, this tool will be grounded in both statistical and computational network modeling methods, found in ORA and OrgAhead/Construct, respectively. This work is a continuation of the earlier IMPACT project in which OrgAhead effectively modeled (hierarchically) several hospital units and predicted their composite performances.